T. Allen Hanes Presents:

Sept 17th (VIP  Experience and training) and 

Sept 18, 19, 2018

Business Expert Speaker Experience

University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana

“Speak Like A Champion”


The Authority Syndicate Group, Firewalk Productions, Empowered Speakers and Award Winning Speaker and Publisher T. Allen Hanes Invite you to:

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What You Get!

An Epic Speaker Experience on an Iconic Stage where Champions are forged and legacies are created!

On the main stage of

The University of Notre Dame

1. A 20-minute speaking opportunity at Notre Dame main stage.

2. HD Video of your presentation. With full rights to use it. As you see fit.

3. HD photography of you at the event and speaking. Shared on Social Media.

4. Photo of You alone on Stage with a Celebrity Speaker.

5. Your presentation featured in a Book that is Guaranteed a Best Seller. In Kindle. Physical Books available.

6. Custom audio CD of your presentation and a BONUS interview.

7. Bragging rights of you speaking at The University of Notre Dame.

8. News Release of you speaking at the event syndicated to major media A

BC, CBS, NBC, FOX and other media.

9. Custom Directory of all that attended the event.

10. HD Video Testimonials of your presentation.

11. Inducted into the International Best Selling Author Academy

12. A custom book "Speak Like a Champion" Rise Above with Your Message!

13. Photo Spotlight on Small Business Trendsetters of you on stage at the University of Notre Dame.

And much much more....

"VIP" Speaker Legendary Businessman Jim Connelly

Jim Connelly's career began as a young boy living in the projects of a small factory town in Western Pennsylvania.

A street fighter with a bad attitude, Connelly negotiated with a judge to leave his hometown in lieu of being incarcerated.

With $100 in his pocket, he talked a friend into driving him to California.

Applying and landing a job as a room clerk at the Regency Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, within 6 years, he had worked himself up to become the General Manager of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel a $100 million property, a position he held for ten years.

Exploring other business opportunities, Connelly was invited by the chairman of Shearson Lehman to join the Wall Street Investment Banking firm. He became the first non-college graduate accepted into the firm's management program and graduated from the New York Institute of Finance in the top ten percent of his class.

At the request of the President, Connelly facilitated Leadership Goal Setting for the California Governor's Conference and the President's Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities held at Stanford University.

He went on to start many successful businesses and is a consummate entrepreneur - having lived his entire life "outside the box"...

Even with all his success, the accomplishment he is most proud of is the 25-year journey to assist a young woman, who after a serious accident came back from the brink of death to live independently today.

Lou Holtz says "When my bank asks about my assets, I start with Jim and Kate Connelly."

Jim Connelly, Vice President, Lou Holtz Hall of Fame and National Keynote Speaker for the Napoleon Hill Foundation says...

"It's Not What Happens To You In Life,

But What You Do About It That Matters."

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Awarded National Collaborator of The Year for 2016!

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Awarded For Outstanding Speaking by the Leadership Speakers Academy Faculty at West Point!

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T. Allen Hanes is the CEO of The Authority Syndicate Group, LLC. A Retired United States Navy Photographer and Video Producer; and a Publisher and Radio Host, #1 Best-Selling Author of Simple Online Video Marketing for Business Owners, and The Authority Mindset, BOLD Helping You Unleash The Hero Within, co-authored with Les Brown the number one motivational speaker in the world, and his latest book The Authority Code, Use The Exact Formula to Become The Hunted vs. The Hunter For More Leads, Sales and Profits he loves teaching entrepreneurs across the globe how they can “Awaken” and claim their authority through publishing and media. He has been featured on CNN, CBS, NBC, FOX and, ABC, as well as in, Forbes and The Miami Herald and Small Business Trend Setters, a featured speaker at The Harvard Faculty club among other media affiliates. A featured speaker and faculty member of The Leadership Speakers Academy at West Point.  Sharing the stage with legends COL. and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Lt. General Russel Honore.  T. Allen has a passion for helping entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, speakers, and coaches position themselves as the go-to person in their niche. Often referred to as “Mr. Incredible” he and his team have created over 700+ Best-Selling Authors to date.

If you want to become the sought-after expert in your market to have more leads, more sales, and more profits, The Authority Code reveals the proven formula of how to make it happen by breaking it down to the code level so you see exactly what it takes to position yourself as that expert authority. When you become the go-to authority, you experience a shift from yourself being the hunter to you being the one who is hunted down by your market who seeks your expertise.  

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